“OMG. Look at this report card!”
When Gaberielle first sent her grandson to Tri-Cities Elite Tutoring, she wasn’t sure what to expect.
“Amyr grades IMPROVED tremendously,” Gabrielle recalls. “The tutors, the fun, the teaching – he learned so much in a few weeks.” Amyr is now an A-B honor roll student. Mrs. Sinclair have since referred  two other children to Tri-Cities Elite Tutoring , with similar results. Tri-Cities Elite Tutoring rocks!​

-Gabrielle Sinclair

Tri-Cities Elite will be having our annual summer tutoring program starting July 8th, 2019. This is a half day program for children ranging from 1st-5th grade that takes place Monday- Thursday from 8:30 am- 12:30 pm. The program targets math, reading, science and engineering with various trips to Petersburg Public Library to participate in their summer reading program. In addition to Tri-Cities Elite Summer Program we will be offering individual tutoring sessions from 2- 5 pm. Later sessions are available upon request. 


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"Tri-Cities Elite Tutoring is a big help to our family. My son’s reading is finally on track and he is now eager to learn. When I noticed the rapid progress with him, I made the decision to enroll my daughters in the summer program. My oldest daughter made Honor Roll for the first time ever, I have noticed an extra boost of confidence in all of my children when it comes to learning. This is the first school year that I’m not stressed about my children’s progress thanks to Mrs. Presley and her team. I recommend her services to all parents I come in contact with." 

-Nina Walker


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